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Jonny Be Good. And Only Getting Gooder.

Donte Greene gets the headlines for his scoring but it would be extremely unwise to underestimate Jonny Flynn's value to the Orange this year. The G-Mac to Donte's Carmelo, Flynn has quickly become the lifeblood of the offense that allows everyone around him to play well. It may not show up in the stat box on some nights (although to be fair, it usually does), Flynn's value to the team, especially now that Devo is out, is immense.

Of course, leave it to crusty curmudgeon Jim Boeheim to feel just a little unsatisfied:

"I think he's really good," Boeheim said. "I think I expect too much from him. I think he can be even better. Obviously, his numbers are great. He's playing good. I think he can play better."

Ah, Jimmy. Only you could take a season in which Jonny is scoring more than Pearl Washington did as a freshman, shooting three's better than Gerry McNamara's frosh performance and dishing out more assists than Jason Hart's did as a rookie and make sound so mundane.

By the way, did you just read that last paragraph and see those bigtime names (well, except for Hart, God love'm)? Seriously, don't get caught sleeping on Flynn here.

For the record(s), Flynn is currently on a pace to pass 500 points by the end of the season, which would put him in the top five for scoring by a freshman. That pace is also largely based on pre-Devo injury games so that number could rise as well. He’s also on pace to finish with around 220 assists, which would break Pearl Washington's freshman record.