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Insert Headline That Combines BCS With The Word "Mess" Here

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Some random thoughts from over the weekend while I was waiting to see which bowl Syracuse would play in:

Pitt? Really?
PITT? And THIS GUY? Jesus, West Virginia, you got some splainin' to do.

More so that West Virginia, we really should have seen the Oklahoma win over Missouri coming, shouldn't we? Classic case of "been there before" vs. "cocky newbie."

Speaking of, I didn't watch Missouri all season but after watching Chase Daniels bitch and moan and complain and whine his way through that game I have absolutely no doubt he is the next Ryan Leaf. This guy turns on his teammates quicker than Tiki Barber.

Other than the "
college football ain't what she used to be" column last month, was there anything more expectant than today's "quit yer bitchin', the BCS works" columns written for the sake of bucking popular opinion? Does the LA Times sports section actually employ anyone with a sense of fun?

If you're an AP or Coaches voter and you
moved LSU to #2 this week, why didn't you have them ranked #4 last week? Why drop them to #7 if you were just gonna make them your "in case of emergency #2" anyway? Forget the BCS, the polls are where the real problem is in college football, just insanely biased and indefensible.

Say what you will but no team that
needs to come back in the final minute AT HOME to beat a 4-9 Washington team deserves a #1 vote, undefeated or not.

Another thing that's wrong with college football but doesn't get enough attention because the BCS hogs all the drama? The Rose Bowl. Getting to choose a #13th ranked 9-3 Illinois team over two-loss #6 Missouri or #11 Arizona State? Guys, I appreciate tradition but this isn't 1954. It's time to, well, get with the times.

Besides, who wouldn't want to see Georgia vs. USC for the 1-A National Title game?

And now that I think about it, the BCS is actually set up to AVOID great bowl games. The way each bowl gets to take a turn in who it chooses basically ensures that it will always be a matchup of a better team and a lesser team. Every so often we'll luck out but that's the reason most of the BCS bowls look unappealing every year.

Division 1-AA (or whatever they're called) is in the middle of their playoffs, which work fine for them. Just sayin'.

(AP Photo/Dave Martin)