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Greg Schiano Severly Overvalues The Merits Of The International Bowl

When the season began, Syracuse fans were united behind a common goal. Win six games so we can go play football in Toronto in December against a team from Indiana or Ohio. We all know how that turned out.

But Rutgers is carrying on the torch for us, God bless'm, and despite our differences we wish them well. We just hope they don't have unrealistic expectations about the result of the game.

As you've probably heard, Greg Schiano declined the Michigan job today and decided to stay at Rutgers. In a prepared statement, Schiano extolled the virtues of being at Rutgers and laid forth his goals, which, let's hope are a bit more long-term than can be construed:

"I look forward to our third straight bowl game and to bringing a national championship to Rutgers and the state of New Jersey."

Now, I know Rutger's season can be described as disappointing and you're looking for a light at the end of the tunnel, but Greg, I promise you, no matter how much you win the International Bowl by and no matter how topsy-turvy this college football season has been, you will not be named national champion.
Unless you meant Canadian national champion. Cause in that case, well, I guess you'd be right. No one was ever specific enough to say which nation it stands for anyway. Forget I said anything, and good luck in your quest for a national title! Let no Ball State Cardinal stand in your way.

And I gotta say, this gives a whole 'nother level to the Quest next year...a national title truly is within Syracuse's grasp.

(Gracias Ryan for bringing to my attention)