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Greg & Mitch 2Gether 4Ever

Greg: God, will this gosh dang business ever end?
Mitch: All part of the job, all part of the job.
Greg: You said it, brother...
(awkward silence)
Greg: Say, did you ever get my card?
Mitch: Yes.
Greg: Oh...good.
Greg: Did you see what I wrote?
Mitch: Um...yeah. Listen, I-
Greg: Shhh...don't speak. Just be.
Mitch: Greg, I'm here to win football games and-
Greg: You think it's just chance that you're here?
Mitch: No, I think I interviewed and-
Greg: Fate, my dear Mitch. Fate. The universe brought us together. See, this is why you need to read The Secret.
Mitch: Greg, please stop tugging at my jacket.
Greg: I manifested this. Just as you did.
Mitch:" Coach Robinson, please take your hand out of my pocket.
Greg: What is that...Certs?
Mitch: Yes.
Greg: Winterfresh or Peppermint?
Mitch: I'm not really sure.
Greg: I'm an Altoids man myself.
Mitch: Aren't they done taking photos yet?!?
Greg: Mitch, I'm gonna level with you...there's no film in those cameras. That's my cousin Steve. I just wanted to be close to you.
Mitch: Fuckin' a...
(Mitch walks away)
Greg: Dangit, Mitch, is it a crime to want to be near you???