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Greg Hearts Mitch

Greg Robinson formally introduced Mitch Browning as the new offensive coordinator for Syracuse today.

Greg, if you could start us off with an opening statement that'd be great. That's pretty easy, right? I'm sure you can do that without getting weird on us. Yeah?

"I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce you to (new offensive coordinator)
Mitch Browning. To me it is exciting."

Glad to hear. We all remember when you hired running backs coach Randy Trivers and felt it was "trite and underwhelming."

"I mentioned to you (the media) that I believe that he is obviously a proven football coach."

You can believe he's a proven coach or it's obvious he's a head coach, Greg. You have to choose. One or the other.

"I think it's exciting for me to bring him on our staff."

Good to hear, Greg. We think that's probably a good thing, too.

"Our relationship goes way back and it is built on more than a friendship."

Um, Greg...where you going with this?

"As he's watched me, I've watched him."

Gross, Greg. Just...gross.

"I look forward to getting started with him and to watching him go to work."

Jesus, it for Pride Day.