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God Hates Syracuse's ACLs

Well, to answer your question, THIS is how you score 125 points, beat the other team by 50 and still lose.

On paper, everything about Saturday's 125-75 win over East Tennessee State sounds groovy. There were six players in double figures and the Orange shot a best-ever 75.8 percent from the field. The point differential was the largest since a 51-point win over Siena in 1987. Shooting 15-for-25 from 3-point range matched a program record and breaks the Carrier Dome record of 14 team treys. Donte Greene led the way with 25 points while Devendorf and Onuaku followed with 19. Paul Harris and Rick Jackson led the team with nine boards each.

But games are not played on paper. They're played on the Internet via live game scoring. And had you been watching the scoring log, you'd have noticed that Josh Wright didn't log any stats, or minutes played while at it. That's cause, for all intents and purposes, Wright is gone from the team. I mean, it's not official but when Jim Boeheim announces that you "
did not come to practice this week, so I assume he’s not going to play basketball anymore this year," well, you should probably book that flight to the nearest NAIA school.

Not that this comes as any surprise, Wright has been "sick" and "injured" and "out of town" all season. The only way this could really come back to bite us in the ass is if one one of the other more experiences players from the team were to suddenly become unavailable.


Eric Devendorf seemed to know that he had torn a ligament in his left knee on Saturday night. An MRI exam performed on Sunday confirmed the worst.
Devendorf; the Orange's second-leading scorer, will miss the rest of the season after suffering a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee in the second half of SU's 125-75 victory over East Tennessee State on Saturday.

Finishing that point about Wright, sure he's not the perfect replacement for Devendorf, but as Axeman tells it, he certainly would have provided some kind of cushion.

If Eric Devendorf's injury is serious, Wright is certainly a guy this team could have used in his place. It's certainly true Wright is far from a true two guard, but Wright can stick a three here and there, he can penetrate, and brings the experience factor that Devendorf represented on the floor.

Well, it's serious. If Syracuse fans weren't
already aware of the fragile nature of the anterior cruciate ligament, they are now. Lots of questions immediately come to mind. Who steps in leadership-wise? Who steps in scoring-wise? How does the guard rotation work? Jimmy B, quell our inquiring minds and put us at ease...

What do you want me to do? We’ll play the guys we have. A guy like Eric is a tremendous player. There’s nothing you can do. You just make up for it the best you can.

You know, it's times like this I appreciate Greg Robinson's blind optimism.

The Orange are left with seven active scholarship players on the roster and none of them upperclassmen. Assuming the Coach Boeheim doesn't redshirt Sean Williams, that number could rise to eight.

Ultimately it seems like Paul Harris is about to get more time in the two spot. Mr. Intangible may lose some stats on the rebounds but he'll have a chance to step up and become more instrumental on the scoring side and as a leader. While Paul gets reacquainted with the backcourt and Mike Williams (WTF?) gets more PT, Jonny Flynn...the bridge is yours.

We'll see how the team reacts when Colgate comes to town on Tuesday.

(AP Photo/Kevin Rivoli)