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'Cusian Of The Year, First Round - #1 vs. #16

The Axeman Bloggeth just finished up the Top 10 Stories of CNY series and I highly suggest you check it out if you haven't already. I was thinking of doing something like that but more Syracuse-specific but all the big points got touched on. Bravo Axe, you son of a...

So rather then focus on the stories, how bout we end 2007 by focusing on the people who made the soul-crushing events that make up being a Syracuse fan possible? There's so many people to thank/hate for the events of 2007 that surely we can pick the one person most responsible for that? That person would be...'Cusian of the Year, natch.

I've picked the 16 people who I feel have most influenced Syracuse athletics in 2007. You may haggle with me over the exclusion of certain players from basketball and football but know it was a tough call towards the end there. There were people in their programs that had more of an effect than them and ultimately there was more going on than just basketball and football (believe it or not).

The rules are simple:

1. We're doing this like Time Magazine picks their Person of the Year. It's not a popularity contest and it's not about who you like's about who had a greater effect on Syracuse athletics throughout the year. Throw personal opinion out the door.

2. You can vote once a day so feel free to keep coming back. Each match-up will last approx. three days.

3. The seeds are completely arbitrary and assigned by me. We'll see how close (or far off) the pulse of Orange Nation I am.

Round 1...

#1 DOCTOR Daryl Gross
Canceled swimming and diving programs for less than clear reasons.
Hired "his" coach.
Put Mike Hopkins in his place.
Responded to your emails.
Preferred it if SU students would "hush up."
Got his very own website.
Took his time with Robinson's fate.
Stood by Greg Robinson, kinda.

#16 Quentin Hillsman

Turned losing women's hoops program no one noticed into winning women's hoops program no one notices.
Stood near Carmelo Anthony...that must have been nice.

Place your votes through 12/23 and then the next match-up will begin.