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'Cusian Of The Year, First Round - #6 vs. #11

It's funny. When I originally did the seeding for Demetris Nichols and Eric Devendorf, D-Nic was the #7 and Devo was the #10. Then, based on the fact that Devo played in two seasons and was a headline news-maker recently, I swapped. I guess I was wrong. Demetris moves on to round two alongside DOCTOR Gross and Donte Greene.

On to the next match-up in the
'Cusian of the Year tournament. Voting concludes for this match-up on 12/30.

#6 Mike Williams

Was a highlight in an otherwise dull season.
Voiced his opinion.
Had a thing about dynasties.
Broke some records.
Became team MVP.
Carried on a Syracuse two-sport tradition.


#11 Gary Gait

Returned to his alma mater.
Linked business with pleasure.
Considered a big deal.
(While it has no bearing on the vote, it's still worth noting that he made the greatest PSA of all time)