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'Cusian Of The Year, First Round - #7 vs. #10

I'm gonna go ahead and name Donte Greene the winner of his match-up with lacrosse coach John Desko. Desko just can't catc ha break in'07. Good luck to Donte in the 2nd round against the DOC.

But right now it's time to vote in the next first round match-up. Remember, this is about who had more of an impact on Syracuse athletics, good or bad. It's also about what they did at Syracuse and not what thay may have done outside of it.

#7 Eric Devendorf
Broke the
30-barrier twice.
Was introduced to Doug Gottlieb.
Enjoyed the
company of men.
Spurned by America.
thought highly of before the season.
Made the cover of SI.
Showed his
disdain for a fan.
Had delusions of granduer.
Put too much trust in his ACL to not break.
Wore argyle (or did he?)


#10 Demetris Nichols
Did what he could.

Threw down 37 (in a row???) against the Johnnies.
Finished strong.
Considered the team MVP by those whose opinion matters most
Won some other accolades as well.
Even the AP loved them some Demetris

Voting conclude Friday the 28th so vote early and often (once a day, that is).