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Craig Forth, Molder Of Women

To you, Craig Forth is one in a long line of goofy,white big men that have defined the Syracuse frontcourt for many years now. Following in the footsteps of Elvir Ovcina and Billy Celuck and paving the way for Matt Gorman and Kristof! Ongenaut, Forth will always be remembered for his work on the 2003 National Championship team.

With the exception of Carmelo Anthony, Hakim Warrick and a handful of other players who continue to hawk their wares across the world, many of the guys from that team are already moving on to the next phase of their lives and careers. For some, it's a move to the financial or real estate world where they can use their name and fleeting fame to make some money. For Craiggers, it's
all about the ladies.

Well, not like

Forth, who always has embraced his community -- as a high school student, he coached disabled children in soccer and baseball -- has returned home. The 24-year-old is in his first year coaching the Columbia girls' junior varsity. He's also a first-grade teacher at Green Meadow Elementary.

For the record, Forth is seven feet tall. The man teaches first-grade. If he makes it through the year without stepping on any of the kids we'll consider it a win.

Forth had been playing for the Albany Patroons of the United States Basketball League and he may still return to action next year but only if it doesn't conflict with his current job. Columbia's JV team is 6-1 and is looking to repeat last year's 19-1 season.

Forth seems to have completely moved on to the post-Syracuse point of his life without regret and you have to commend his aspirations and goals. Let's hope that one day soon we'll be seeing Craig Forth back in the Dome, only this time on the sidelines for the NY State JV Championships (which I'm assuming don't actually exist but someone should get on that).