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'Cause In Athletic Direction, You Fail Upwards

In news that probably made the folks over at GetGrossOut orgasm upon hearing it, the University of Miami is considering DOCTOR Daryl Gross as a candidate for their vacant athletic director position.

That's correct, there is a university out there, so enamored by the results of the Syracuse sports programs during Daryl Gross' tenure that they felt is was imperative to inquire about his services.

The best part about the story is that Gross is in the running alongside Duke's
Joe Alleva and Army's Kevin Anderson. Clearly, success in football is not a prerequisite.

So, if this is a true possibility, would Gross jump? The D.O. makes the point that if Gross is going to jump anywhere, it's going to be to USC. However, Miami is Miami and many unbiased folks would tell you that the position would be a step up. The fact that Gross would be leaving behind a school where the three biggest "money" programs have all taken steps back in his tenure would in no way blemish his resume, I'm sure.

If for no other reason, I'd love to see Gross take the job and then, during a pep rally, try to tell the Hurricane football team to "hush up" while he spoke. People have disappeared in the swamps of South Florida for much less.