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Can We Just Start A Traveling SU Alumni Team Already?

Back in the 20's and 30's, Notre Dame used to send a team of alumni around the country to challenge club and pro teams in exhibitions. They were crowd-pleasers cause the teams brought in big names and gave the local crowds a great show.

Between Gerry McNamara and the now-released Demetris Nichols, I am proposing such an operation. Gerry, Demetris and a handful of former players (get Gorman back from Ireland before he hurts himself, Cipolla's not doing anything now that Sopranos is over) travel the Northeast barnstorming from mid-sized market to mid-sized market taking on the local college or semi-pro team and wowing the crowd. You're telling me you couldn't get 5,000 people out in Utica for this? And don't even get me started about Scranton.

Well, I suppose Demetris can try to catch on with another NBA team or try his luck in the NBDL for a while. That's not nearly as exciting to me, but, I guess it'll pay somewhat better.