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The Bowl Futility Series

Let's face it. The BCS match-ups were announced yesterday and you're already sick of talking about it. It's an embarrassment, it's unreasonable, it's dumb...and that's just the Georgia fan base.

But the BCS and the accompanying bowl system only tells half the story. What about how the other half lives? The teams so futile, so inept and so terrible that the race to be crowned the worst in the country is as heated as ever. And so, on the heels of the BCS, the announcements have been for the BFS (Bowl Futility Series). Talk amongst yourselves, disagree with the placements and talk about how once again the BFS has failed to produce a true embarrassment
to Division 1-A football...but you know you'll watch anyway.

You know the rules. The five BFS conferences (CUSA, MAC, Mountain West, Sun Belt, WAC) get an automatic bid from their "top loser." Then, the five wild card berths are drawn from the BFS conferences as well as any non-BFS schools that may qualify. Could this be the year than a non-BFS school
breaks through the glass basement?

Here are your automatic bids:

Conference USA:
SMU (1-11)
Northern Illinois (2-10)
Mountain West:
UNLV (2-10)
Sun Belt: Florida International (1-11)
Idaho (1-11)

and your wild card berths:

Utah State (2-10)

North Texas (2-10)

UAB (2-10)

Minnesota (1-11)
Syracuse (2-10)*

*Replaces 1-11 Duke, who was disqualified because the BFS is tired of seeing them

AAA Bail Bonds and Checks Cashed National Futilityship

Idaho vs. FIU
The Vandals only win came over a 1-AA team and FIU recently ended a 23-game losing streak. It truly is a clash of the titans this year in the site of the big game, beautiful
Camden, NJ.

KFC Famous Bowl

SMU vs. Northern Illinois

Just like the sponsor, this is a game with many layers that, when mixed together, leaves a gray, mushy globule of goodness.

2Girls1Cup Bowl (formerly the Goatse Bowl)
North Texas vs. Syracuse

A fantastic opportunity for the Orange to enact
my personal vendetta against the Mean Green.

Armenian Genocide Bowl Presented by Tostitos


Not a bad game in basketball. Alas...

The REDACTED Haliburton Bowl

Utah State vs. Minnesota

Crazily enough, Utah State would actually be favored if this were real.

Sorry Louisiana-Lafayette, better luck next year.