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Just imagine, what would Greg Robinson have said if he were...

Spokesperson for the Hindenburg's parent company?

"When I look back, you know, I say, hey, should we have landed the Hindenburg safely? I think we should have. I really do. We gave ourselves an opportunity to land safely and allow all passengers to live long, normal, healthy lives and we didn't pull it off. It makes me gosh darn mad. This was one of those landings that should've, could've or whatever. When I look at where we're at right now, everyone on our blimps surviving is real important. For a lot of different reasons, it really is."

God-King Xerxes after the Battle of Thermopylae

"This is what I think ... I've been a God-King for 33 years. From the very first ... before I ever led one massacre on the battle field, I went out and pillaged- I was a general's concubine; just finished my final year at Sun-God Academy; I was put on the road to go pillaging - I went out and I converted three barbarian city-states that ended up leading our eradication of the Athenians the next year. Wherever I've been as a God-King, they've always said, I was a great recruiter and evaluator of heartless, merciless warlords .... you can read it on any stone tablet... I know this.

I think my record can show that I'm a good God-King. Do I make every decision that's perfect? I can't tell you that. I wish I would have just sent my entire darn army after Leonidas from the get-go. There was like 300 of them and a million of us. I realize that now. I really do. I know, I really believe if we continue to rape and pillage, we're going to be a good empire. I believe that."

The director of Gigli

"I want for others ... I want for our crew... I want for J-Lo ... I want for Ben ... I want ... there's a number of people in the film community that have been really supportive ... I want it for the people who worked on this film cause it seemed like such a good idea at the time to feel those things.

You know something, I'm in that theater. I'm watching the film in there until all hours. I'm studying it and I'm doing this and I'm meeting with agents, pleading with them to represent me and I'm meeting with publicists, trying to convince them to help me out and I'm practicing how to actually direct... but you know something, my wife is out in the community. She's supporting me. She's all over the place. Mentally. And Ben Affleck is out in the community. And J-Lo. They're out in the community. And they're the ones that are supporting me in a tough time. You know what? I need to feel it, and I do.

When I say more than that, there are some outstanding people who claim to have seen the movie and think it was darn good. We were paying them to say it but I believe they meant it. I truly do. And I know they're still fighting the fight and forcing others to sit through this mess. That's great. But I want it to be known, hey, I feel it. Even if I have no idea what J-Lo saying "gobble, gobble" in that scene means either."