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VoteOfConfidenceGate Continues...

As more college coaches bite the dust (fare thee well Houston Nutt, Chan Gailey and Ted Roof) and rumors run rampant over their replacements (Paul Johnson to Nebraska, Kirk Ferentz to Michigan), Syracuse remains decidedly mum over the future of Greg Robinson, which, is in itself a statement just as loud as if they were to officially announce his return for season #4. That might be the only justifiable reason as to why they haven't made a public decision yet.

Every day that passes is a day that the coaching talent pool thins and "better" opportunities arise. The Pac-10 still has a couple days before it shakes loose a few underperformers so it will only get harder to fill that seat. My only guess is that if the powers-that-be are all locked in a bunker under the Hall of Languages deciding Robinson's fate, there is at least one very powerful dissenter who is biding time or refusing to give his/her final approval. From what's been rumored, Cantor is all for giving Robinson another shot, and Gross probably wouldn't argue as it gives him at least an opportunity to save face. My guess is that there's a couple alumni out there with one hand on the checkbook trying to plead their case in vain.

In the interim, do yourself a favor and read
Dave Rahme's breakdown of the situation from today's Post-Standard. It lays bare all the pertinent information and ultimately makes a case for both sides.

And so we wait...