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There's Something Bruin In LA

This is at best tangentially related to Syracuse but I wanted to make note on the current situation here in LA.

As you may have heard, USC (who will
host SU football in 2011) has approached the Rose Bowl about becoming its newest tenant and leaving the Coliseum behind. The reason is because the Coliseum has been so wrapped up in getting an NFL team to come play there, they've neglected their current tenant who would like to see some improvements and get a stake in running the joint.

It was already a big issue with alumni and students. The rants and shocks of horror began. USC said it received the good word from UCLA to speak with the Rose Bowl. Then UCLA said "well, we'd only share it with you for one year anyway." And then the mayor got involved. And the Governator. And then came the death threats.

Now, if you're saying this is a crazy idea because two college teams playing in the same stadium is madness, hold on a second. USC and UCLA both played in the Coliseum up until '82 when the Bruins moved to the Rose Bowl.
But if you're saying its a crazy idea because its all a load of crap...well then you'd be right.

Listen, there's no way USC is moving to the Rose Bowl. This is, at best, an overblown negotiating tactic. Look at it this way...USC owns UCLA, at least in terms of marketing, prestige and presence in the LA market. Do you really believe they would play the Jets to their Giants and be second fiddle in their own stadium?

Second, if you're not familiar with the geography, the Coliseum is ON USC'S CAMPUS. How fantastically retarded would it be for USC to travel an hour (on a good day) to Pasadena to play home games while the stadium across the street from their quad hosts a Monster Truck rally? It would be the equivalent of Syracuse removing themselves from the Carrier Dome and playing all future home games at Ralph Wilson Stadium in Buffalo.

Of course, this will all soon die down once everyone's preened enough. The Coliseum and USC will miraculously come back to the table and they'll hammer out a solution. Especially now that the mayor is officially giving up on getting the NFL back in the Coliseum.

People wonder why LA doesn't have a pro football team when in fact we have something just as good, two highly competitive college football teams (well, UCLA barely). NYC, Chicago, Miami, Dallas, Boston and Philly can't say the same. Instead of worrying so much about what we don't have, LA should appreciate what's already here.

So I guess as far as Syracuse fans are concerned, expect to be sitting in the Coliseum come 2011, and a highly renovated one at that.