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Someone Get This Man A Prompter!

After his announcement that Syracuse he was keeping Greg Robinson on the job, DOCTOR Daryl Gross made the rounds to the local media. For the most part, its all softball questions and re-hashes of what the statement already said. But if you've got a little spare time and you can stomach it, you might want to grit your teeth through this interview with Steve Infanti at WSYR.

Everything's fine and dandy. Gross makes it clear that Robinson's resume is "pretty good," which makes us all feel a lot better. He might as well have been reading his answers off of cue cards. Then, right at the end, it happens... (paraphrasing slightly)

Steve: Is Greg Robinson, in your opinion, the right guy to lead this program back to success?
DOC: Well, he believes he's the right guy. I need to see it...and I think that's important.

Hold on there...I'm not sure if the teleprompter suddenly died or Gross finally lost track of his talking points or what, but Gross CLEARLY goes out of his way to NOT SAY he thinks Greg Robinson is the right man for the job. Huh? Did you just invest another football season and the financial impact that comes with that on a guy you don't actually think can cut it anymore???

The flip side here is that maybe, just maybe, Daryl Gross wanted to cut ties with Robinson and his hand was forced by She Who Must Not Be Named. And he's not happy about it. And this was his way to sneak that in there.

Probably not, though. Thanks Matt for the head's up.