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Saving Wannstedt

Congrats, Syracuse. You may have just ensured that the Wannstache will stay with us for many years to come (re: two). You have sacrificed in the name of unintentional comedy and we salute you.

I have absolutely no business recapping this game so although I assume you've already been, check out Axeman's recap and Orange44's grading of the game. All I know is the offensive live continues to live up to the other definition of offensive, the SU wide receivers continue to live up to their own reputation, and Greg Robinson continues to "gee shucks" his way through our season.

Greggy is starting to let the hammer drop a little though:

"I was very disappointed in the way our offensive line played today."

Imagine if he were that forthright eight weeks ago. Perhaps they could have, I don't know, fixed the issue?

Don't think Greg isn't capable of a little introspection as well...

"The way things were going at halftime, I was pleased that we had kept the score close, but I was also a little mad at myself."

Please, Greg, don't blame yourself. That's what we're here for. You just keep letting us know you're going to fix the problems you saw this week and tell us more about the things that looked good at halftime. These are the things we love to hear after we lose.

And hey, I'm not for piling on (well...) but I think if you needed a quote to sum up the SU football team right now, it came from Taj Smith after the game:

"It didn't work out, but I was glad we didn't go down without a fight."

Syracuse Football 2007: Well, We Tried.

(AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar)