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Power Pollin' 11/26

The inaugural Big East Bloggers Power Poll came out last week and I was tardy in getting my votes in. I got my act together this week for Week 2's poll. Just as for the football BlogPoll, I'll be posting my personal polls and allowing you to rip them apart, piece by uninformed piece. (Placement in the overall poll noted in parenthesis)

1) Georgetown (1)
2) Pittsburgh (4)
3) Marquette (T-2)

4) Louisville (T-2)
5) Syracuse (5)
6) Villanova (6)
7) Seton Hall (10)
8) Connecticut (7)

9) Providence (T-8)
10) West Virginia (T-8)
11) Notre Dame (11)
12) St. John's (12)
13) Rutgers (16)
14) Cincinnati (14)
15) DePaul (13)
16) South Florida (15)

Brian Laing of Seton Hall was named Player of the Week while Syracuse's Donte Greene collected his second straight Freshman of the Week award.

Oh and the AP/ESPN Polls are out as well, if that's your thing. Syracuse is MIA in both but lurking in the top of the Also Receiving Votes areas. Other Big East teams include Georgetown (5/5), Louisville (12/10), Marquette (13/14), Pittsburgh (14/11) and Villanova (NA/21).