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Positively New Jersey, Aaaaand Meeeee

Alas, I must take my leave you once more, my pretties. I'll be heading back to my home state of NJ for some family, fun and frivolity. Something tells me I won't be seeing the massive influx of Rutgers gear in shop windows this time around but I'm sure I'll see enough to make me dry heave. There's an outside shot I could make it to the SU-Ohio State game in NYC but no promises.

In the meantime, enjoy tonight's win over Fordham and Donte Greene's coming-out party (not THAT kind). Enjoy tomorrow's upset win over UConn (disregard if that doesn't actually happen). Enjoy Greg Robinson's post-game press conference where he tries convince you that he is our savior ("I think if you look at my record you'd see that I can cure the Ebola virus with my tears. I really can.") Enjoy the SU-Ohio State game, cause even if we lose Joe Lunardi will finally shut up. And while you're at, enjoy Thanksgiving.

I'll be checking in but for your Syracuse fix, make sure you're checking in with the Cuse Collective over there on the right. They've got kids to feed, you know.