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Penn State Renews Rivalry Via Cement Flooring

This season, Andrew Robinson's spent more time on his back than a West Virginia sorority girl, so its amazing he didn't injure it sooner. What may be surprising however is that the injury didn't stem from the playing field but rather from the unforgiving dorm floors of Penn State.

The injury may have began last weekend when Andrew Robinson slept on the floor of a friend's room at Penn State. It worsened when he lifted weights on Monday. The injury flared up on Wednesday, according to coaches.

That sums up guys and theirs friends, doesn't it? Andrew Robinson is the starting quarterback for a Division 1-A football team and he still has to do rock-paper-scissors at the end of the night for a space on the bed. In retrospect I suppose they could have done the "one-guy-face-one-way, other-guy-face-the-other-way" tactic but then you risk getting your friend's stank-ass feet in your face and, of course, "that's gay, brah."

Next time, gay, brah.

Just in case you think there's the pitter-pattering of a QB controversy, fear not. Grand Moff Greg Robinson has put the kibosh on that.

"no ... no no no ... no no no. I don't think you there should start that right now. I think Cam did a good job. Andrew's our quarterback and Andrew's done a great job for us. He was injured going in. Now, if Andrew's not ready to play, Cam would be in a heartbeat. I would never start to speculate that you're going to go with this ... no. He did nothing to start that."

Andrew had an MRI yesterday to figure out the extent of the injury. Greg Robinson said he won't make any judgments until he knows the results, but did add this little bon mot:

"He's stiff and sore today and some of that is from yesterday."

What, the football game he played? Is that what his soreness is from? Well I'll be...

(Sadly, now we know the Penn State Dorm story is untrue. Alas...)