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No Rest For The Weary

A star has been born in Syracuse and his name is Jonny Flynn. In one game, Syracuse's gutty 97-89 win over Siena, Flynn erased doubt about his ability to lead the Orange attack and make some plays of his own.

Just read Mike Waters game story, where he writes "The 17,746 fans at the Carrier Dome on Monday night chanted Jonny Flynn's name the same way the Bleacher Creatures at Yankee Stadium serenade their pin-striped heroes" and you know everything you need to know. Flynn finished with 28 points, breaking Carmelo Anthony's record for the most points for a Syracuse freshman in his debut by one.

Cuse Country makes some great observations about the game, from the game-related (remembering how important Paul Harris is to the team) to the dress-related (where are all these headbands coming from?). They also make the rumor-baiting guess that Scoop Jardine will end up being odd man out next year when the next round of studs matriculate(it sounds so dirty).

Three Idiots talk of the good ball movement but point out one tiny little flaw they did see...

The defense was beyond horrendous, the rotations in the zone were non existent, there were certain times when people failed to STOP THE BALL and the zone itself was a mess.

Axe agrees, the defensive stats are "sobering."

In a word...yikes. There were times, in fact many of them, that Siena put a shot up without a hand even near in their face. There are alot of things I could point out right now (guys out of position, not hustling, didn't have their hands up, etc), but why waste the time? The whole thing just has to get better.

One has only to glance at these stats to put a finger on how lacking the defense was.

Points in the Paint (Siena 44 - Syracuse 42)

2nd chance points: (Siena 25 - Syracuse 16)

Siena even beat Syracuse at their own game by getting more points on the fast break (22-20).

It's those stats that reminds us "it was only one game." The Orange could come out tonight and stink up the joint and all this goodwill will go poof. Which reminds me...

Yes, the Orange play again tonight. And this time, its for the right to go to New York City, Syracuse's second home for basketball. The Orange will take on St. Joeseph's, who cruised to a 86-66 win over Fairleigh Dickinson last night. The winner will play in the NIT tournament semifinals on Nov. 21 at Madison Square Garden.

Pat Calathes and Ahmad Nivins led the Hawks with 20 points, eight rebounds and 19 points, nine rebounds respectively. The Hawks shot 62.3 percent from the field, including 11-of-21 from the arc, and won the battle on the boards, 36-25. St. Joe's returns four starters from last year's team that went 18-14.

Expect much of the same tonight, with a closer game then you like. The big question for the Orange (besides, will they play defense?) will be who steps up tonight? Jonny Flynn repeat performance? Donte's turn? Scoop and Rick take it to their hometown team? I'll say Syracuse 89, St. Joe's 84 as we learn to win track meets while our defense gels.

(Photo Credit: SUAthletics)