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Nichols Granted Stay Of Execution

It's a fickle business, professional sports. There's a very fine line between being a millionaire with endorsement deals and long-term contracts and being the guy with seven kids by six women out of a job and forced to play in Bakersfield just to meet your financial burden.

Demetris Nichols knows this all too well (except for the kids thing...for now). He went from being a Knicks draft pick who could do no wrong to persona non grata in New York in just a few months. And when Cleveland signed him the other day, it was less than 24 hours later that his spot on the team was in jeopardy once again. But breathe easy, Demetris, the axe has fallen but not upon you. Cleveland waived forward Anthony Tolliver to make room for Nichols and Sasha Pavlovic on the roster.

The Cavs opened the season last night with a 92-74 loss to the Mavericks and Nichols got to
watch it all from the bench. That is...once he found it.

...Before the game, rookie Demetris Nichols, picked up off waivers by the Cavs on Monday, was dropped off at the arena parking lot prior to Wednesday's game and that's when the confusion began. It was Nichols' first trip to The Q and he was not told the location of the locker room. Nichols walked by the media dining area with a puzzled look. A member of the media walked Nichols into the right direction.

And of course, Demetris learned another valuable aspect of NBA life...rookie hazing.

[Eric] Snow, a 12-year veteran, didn't waste anytime in hazing the rookie. Nichols brought the latest issue of USA Today to the arena for Snow.

Be ready, D. It starts with a USA Today, it ends in ladies undergarments.

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