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The Nebulousness Of Greg Robinson

A few days late here but when Greg speaks, I tweak:

"I was proud of the team. I thought they competed."

I had a little league coach that used to say the same thing. We didn't win a game all year, but, you know, we were great at competing.

There are a lot of things that still have to get fixed, obviously.
Obviously. All-in-all I like the competitive spirit. I thought that part was there.

I'm afraid to ask about the 437 other parts.

On Ben Mauk:
He is not very big. I didn’t realize that last year when we played him.

Greg, I don't know how much more I can stress the use of game film. Really. We've gone over this before. You are allowed to watch them. I swear.

On giving up 11 sacks:
I say we have work to do. We have to do a better job at taking some of the pressure off those guys upfront.

Don't worry, we'll get it right next weekend......oh.

On the state of the program: "I can’t think about all that stuff right now. It’s pretty nebulous stuff."

Nebulous, meaning vague? As in, its hard to tell what the state of the program looks like at the moment? Oh Greg, my dear boy, you haven't been looking where we've been looking. And I quote the film
Event Horizon, "Hell is only a word. The reality is much, much worse."

I’m going to tell you this, too, the bottom line is that you don’t quit. You don’t quit. You keep working to get it better. If that means you have to tweak this and you have to do this and you have to do techniques better or you have to get a better guy to do this or he has to work harder – or whatever it is – you have to fight it out.

I fear for the day Greg Robinson writes an inspirational poem. I really do.

On if he is worried about his job right now:
"No I’m not worried about my job. I’m never worried about my job. I just work everyday. I go to work everyday and do the very best I can do. I just worry about things I can control."

That's the whole problem, Greg. We're all pretty sure at this point that truly is the very best you can do.