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The Most Famous Rib In Syracuse Not Slathered In Dinosaur BBQ Sauce

This is bad:

Syracuse University starting quarterback Andrew Robinson has a cracked rib. The injury was revealed after an MRI on Monday. Robinson said he's unsure when the injury occurred. He said it's possible that it happened during the Buffalo game on Oct. 20 or even the Rutgers game on Oct. 13.

Robinson's cracked rib is the fjrst rib on the lower left side of his back. He said the pain comes from his follow-through after throwing a pass, or whenever he pulls his left arm through, whether he's running with the ball or dropping back to pass.

But this is worse:

Robinson was quick to point out it had nothing to do with him spending the night on the floor of a friend's at Penn State during the open week in the schedule (which was offered as a potential source of the injury by an SU assistant after the Pitt game).

Shame, I kinda thought that had "
injured self playing a video game" lore written all over it. Certainly sounds much cooler than getting hurt against Buffalo.

No word on whether or not Robinson will play this weekend against against South Florida. While he stays out of practice and feels it out, Cameron Dantley will continue to prepare as if he were the starter. Expect former-QB-turned-safety Joe Fields to take some snaps as well.