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  • Jay Mariotti spoke at SU last week. Still not a huge blog fan...Z89 Blog
  • If you can stomach another football abomination, you can get yourself a free b-ball ticket...SUAthletics
  • Dick Weiss puts SU at #17 in his preseason poll. Nick Dick...Daily News
  • At least we made someone bleed this weekend. I'll take the moral victories where I can get them...YouTube
  • Syracuse fans know about Joe Glenn's big mouth. Utah shut it for him...Deadspin
  • Greg Robinson would have you believe success doesn't happen quickly. I can think of three programs who have disproved that this year...Deadspin
  • Congrats Raging Bullz, winners of their first game...WTVH
Parents of Syracuse students...this is what they do. All day. Seriously.

Finally, OrangeHoops breaks down the many members of the Syracuse athletics alumni who served our country throughout the years. A hearty thanks to them and all the vets out there and to the soldiers still serving.