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I suppose you can't blame the folks at SUAthletics for trying to find the positive in even the most dire situation when it comes to Syracuse. Still, you have to admire their gift of gab sometimes when turning a frown upside down. They're so concerned with taking care of their fans they'll even change the outcome of a game if necessary, just to make you feel better.

But their bread-and-butter is still in headlines. Take such recent ones pertaining to football losses:

Record-Setting Performances Abound In 2007 Orange Football Season Finale (SU loses to Cincy)
Williams Extends Streak At #25 Connecticut (SU loses to UConn)
Williams Excels In 41-10 Loss To USF (SU loses to USF)

Okay, so that last one really doesn't mask the taste, then again there was only so much they had to work with.

However, the editorial staff over there is about to face their biggest test of the year. Whether Greg Robinson stays or goes, this is a situation that calls for the very height of spin. We're not just talking maximum spin here. We're not even talking ridiculous spin. No, we're talking about ludicrous spin. (But sir, we've never spun like that before. I don't know if this site can take it!)

Right now, every man, woman and child working for the department is busy scribbling down ideas on how to make the Greg Robinson Decision© as palatable as possible for you, no matter how it turns out. I thought it would be worthwhile to take a couple guesses at what they might go with.

If Greg Robinson returns as head coach:

Greg Robinson To Continue March To Double Digit Victories
Syracuse Rejoices! Robinson Agrees To Stay.
Orange Renew Contract With Robinson, Mini-KISS
Daryl Gross Says Robinson Stays. Syracuse Community Begs Forgiveness For Ever Doubting Him.

If Greg Robinson is fired:

Syracuse Currently Undefeated In New Era
Robinson Excited To Return To Coordinator Roots
Vaunted Seven-Time Winner Greg Robinson Moves On To Next Challenge
The Last Three Years Never Happened. You Hear Me? NEVER HAPPENED.

Feel free to add some of your own below.

(Photo: AP)