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Hunched Over And Ready To Spew

Picture. Thousand words. All that jazz.

If you haven't already, do yourself a favor and check out Greg Robinson's post game diatribe from Saturday. On second though, perhaps you should do yourself the favor of not reading it. To be honest, you've read it before in some form. It's the same thing he says every week. The same crap after every loss. He just gets more adamant each time. A little louder, that's all.

Greg's pulling everything out of his bag of tricks in a last-ditch effort to save whatever is left of his job.

The "success doesn't happen overnight" mantra? Check.

The "we're young and inexperienced" mentions? Check.

A "trust me, we're heading in the right direction" for good measure? Check.

Talk a little about how we're gonna recruit better? Check.

Subtlety drop hints about how "its the players, not me?" Check.

When all else fails, cry injury? Check.

I'd almost be impressed by it if it weren't all so nauseating. If Greg really wanted to save his own ass, he'd man up and start talking specifics about how we're going to improve. Instead, he's just burping out every empty promise and generic positive thought that enters his mind. If he'd only stop to think he'd realize that by telling us what he thinks we want to hear, he's proving to us that he has no idea how to do it.

As for the game itself, I admit I am basing my opinions on post-game reaction and what I read on Axe's liveblog.

Couple notes worth...uh...noting:

Syracuse was out-rushed 346 to 15. No, I did not forget a number. And yes, that's in yards. There's nothing I can add to that sentence to make it any more horrifying than it already is. If this is how our rushing attack does when we're retiring the jerseys of famed RB alumni (Larry Csonka), then please God put down that invitation to Joe Morris.

Again, I'm going strictly on hearsay, but is there a possible QB controversy brewing? By no means has Cam Dantley proven himself superior to Andrew Robinson at this time. But he's at least proven he deserves the benefit of the doubt. I don't expect this to be an issue...unless Greg Robinson is fired and a new coach comes in. Then, if everything stays equal...all bets are off.

Apparently the crowd looked good when the game started. Judging by this video late in the game, that didn't last long.

Finally, if you're a Deadspin reader you may have already seen this but let me leave you with one Syracuse fan's thoughts that sum up not only the game but perhaps our existence as SU football fans in general:

Wikipedia describes battered person syndrome as "any person who, because of constant and severe domestic violence usually involving physical abuse by a partner, becomes depressed and unable to take any independent action that would allow him or her to escape the abuse. " Which aptly describes why I'm still watching Syracuse football. -- slightlymad

(Photo Credit: AP)