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How'd We Get Here?

The first ESPN/USA Today Top 25 rankings of the regular season came out today and all of a sudden we're in it. Thanks to Kentucky and USC's insane losses, the Orange snuck up into the 25th spot just be being ourselves. Naturally, this scares the crap out of me and destroys my whole "we're unranked and unnoticed so we'll float under the radar all season" theorem. Hopefully, we go out and earn our newfound ranking this evening.

Checking in with other Big East teams in the AP and ESPN polls, Georgetown received one #1 vote in the AP and is currently 5th in both polls. Louisville is #6 in both polls, Marquette is #10/#11, Pitt is #19 in both and Villanova is #24/#23.

(Photo Credit: AP/James Crisp)