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Here's To You, Mr. Robinson...

At this point, Syracuse football games exist solely as a reason to have Greg Robinson press conference. They have become more talked-about and more scrutinized than the games themselves.

Take yesterday's discussion, which you can watch here (and I suggest you do to get the full flavor). Apropos of no question, Greg Robinson immediately went into another defensive rant, this time in defense of his original defensive rant from Saturday. It's coherent enough, and that's what's bothersome about it. Greg's been standing in front of the mirror for this one. If there was any doubt as to whether or not Greg knows his job is on the line, let it be erased as of now.

They say that someone who justifies an issue when no one has asked them to knows that they are probably wrong.
Donnie Webb says the whole thing felt like "a weird moment in Apocalypse Now. Robinson did not raise his voice. He did not sound desperate. He just had some things to get off his chest, and if that meant defending his ability to coach, that was just part of the moment."

Even as the reporters try to help Robinson get back on track with the UConn game he continues to justify his own existence and it's only then that you know the wheels are coming off. Greg Robinson is wholly consumed with saving his job at this point and that doesn't bode well for the last two games of the season. You can coach with an air of desperation.

At the end of the day, Robinson's only real defense is "Contrary to what you think, I know we're heading in the right direction." And you know what, maybe he's right. Maybe we are heading in a direction where two-three years from now we're a winning program again. Maybe the groundwork really is being laid.

But all you have to do is look around and see why that's not good enough. Look at the marketing campaign going on in New York City. Look at the billion dollars the university is trying to raise. Look at the Ernie Davis movie coming out across the nation next fall that will shine a national spotlight on the state of the Syracuse football program. There's no more time for "maybe."

I have to admit, after watching the press conference I felt bad for Robinson. I've said it before but it bears repeating, he seems like a really nice guy. Call me crazy but it even seemed like he was getting a little choked up at times. They say "nice guys finish last" and I don't believe that's always the case. But I believe that's the case in college football. This is the sport of Steve Spurrier's ego, Bear Bryant's icy stare and Woody Hayes' fist. Nice doesn't cut it, plain and simple.

Naturally, its not all niceties, Greg did drop some trademark phrases that dug himself deeper and deeper.

"My wife is out in the community. She's supporting me. She is."

Are there wives of football coaches in other communities running the websites? (On second thought, something tells me this is a possibility in Alabama)

On whether or not he knew his team wasn't good at the beginning of the year:
"I knew what we had, I didn't know what they had."

Greg, game tape. Game tape, Greg.

"I think we're gonna be a good football team. What is good? I don't know."

Greg, you make it all too easy something...