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Get Your Csonk On

Gross: Lar...can I call you Lar?
Csonka: No.
Gross: Lar, may I be the first to say congratulations for getting your jersey retired in my stadium.

Csonka: Thanks, um, thank you.
Gross: I mean it, big fella. Here's a certified hug from me to you.
Csonka: O-kay there...
Gross: Go on now, settle in. Papa Gross got his hooks into ya now.
Csonka: Easy there, fella.
Gross: Not too many people get a taste of this.
Csonka: Okay now...that's great. I gotta-
Gross: Just remember who gave you this ceremony, L-Csonk, baby. You're my guy.
Csonka: Fine, sure. Can I go-
Gross: Just a little bit more. The good doctor's got a prescription and its 50 CC's of this lovin'.
Csonka: (to wife) I'm trying...he's dug in like a deer tick.
Gross: I'm just so happy I had the opportunity to do this for you. For the fans. It's really great of me, you know?
Csonka: Whatever you say, man. Let go now.
Gross: Don't deny this, Lar. This is once in a lifetime stuff. Robinson doesn't appreciate this but you do. (sniffs) that musk?
Csonka: Doe juice.
Gross: (backing away) So it is, so it is. Take it easy, Csonky. Call me anytime, we'll do lunch. I'm people who know people round here. Got my own table at Spaghetti Warehouse. I call them up, it's set. That's how I roll.
Csonka: Great. (checking pockets) Did you take my wallet?
Gross: You've been Grossed, sucka! (runs)

(Photo Credit, Kevin Rivoli, AP)