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Dodge, Dip, Duck, Dive & Dodge

Syracuse lost. Greg Robinson spoke. Let's dig in.

"I had a chance to really study the game."

Excellent, I know how rare that is for football coaches to do that.

"I see three of their biggest plays – a 75-yard run, a 26-yard run and 19-yard run – three reverses. You know what, we didn't run a reverse last week in practice. So I say to myself, 'Whoa, wait a minute now.'"

You can imagine what we're saying to OURSELVES, Greg.

"On the offensive side of the ball, the running game, first of all, I give South Florida credit. They were very intent to stop our running just by structure. On specific plays you could see certain things that they did. They adjusted in certain ways to really try to negate some of the things we've done well."

Understandably, its tough to game plan for a defense that's intent on stopping your offense. So many defenses just kinda hang out, talk some shop, compare tattoos and let you run willy-nilly all day. Not these guys. Credit where credit is due.

"When I look at that game, I still come back and tell you that South Florida is a good football team."

There's that hard-hitting analysis again. Good stuff. Learn us some more, Greggers.

"I look at it that way and my point to you (the media) about where we are with our football team, I'm just trying to get the point across that I think it's important that I don't lose sight of what really is the real thing." I

really know what you mean, for real. Really. I mean, in a really real way.

"There still a lot of work ahead – a lot of work ahead."

Honestly, I think you're just a couple tweaks away. Don't worry yourself too much about it.

"If you ask me if we were going to be 2-8 at this time, I didn't want to believe that."

Wait, what? If you asked you when? Before? Or now? When will THEN be NOW?

"I can't really tell you that I knew what we were. You don't know because you don't really know what your opponents are and you're not really certain about yourself."

You said it Greg, not me.

"We were a team that didn't have a lot of starters returning, but we had some people who we thought would work through. But you don't really know. That's where I'm coming from. I think it's important that we don't lose sight of some of those things because in this world of perception all of a sudden things can get distorted. In this world of recruiting that's important that it never gets too far out of whack."

Ah, NOW I'm beginning to see. It's the players faults for not being as good as you thought they'd be. Good point about the distortion, cause for a second there I thought you might be at fault just a little. Wouldn't want that impression to get out there.

"The other thing I say is I very seldom talk about specific players – about their weakness or something like that. I think that's important because I've spent 14 years in professional football and these are not professional football players...These are student-athletes and that's why I'm very slow to point out individuals and I'd like to be protective of our student-athletes because they're not pro football players and to be singled out and ridiculed and things like that – I don't think that's right."

i.e. I would LOVE to sit here and list every player and why its their fault we're 2-8 and not mine...but I'm a professional. You know, classy-like.

On what he thinks the current perception of Syracuse football is:
"I just want to make sure it's reality more than perception. That's really the key. I see things in the game that I say 'Doggonit, that's something good and that's something we can build on.' You have to be able to find those things. At the same time, you have to be able to critique and assess where you are at this moment. That's my point. I think it's important that people are really able to understand where some of the issues might occur."

I recognize the question asked but I don't recognize the response as being related to it.

"I'm going to tell you this, it (Saturday's loss to USF) wasn't for lack of effort. Our team is out there running around. I love the goal line stand. I know this, at 41-10 when we're blocking field goals that's a good sign. Those guys came off with a passion to block that kick."

I admire the positivity, Greg, I really do. It's were still down 41-10 at the time.

"I give our young people credit. They are competing, just not doing everything at their highest level yet."

Greg, if I didn't know any better I'd think you were adamant about this whole "throw the players under the bus" strategy. I'll tell you's working, you sly fox.

On Connecticut:
"I see them as a very good football team."

Who knows, maybe you'll even get to study some games before you play them. No promises though.