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Delaying The Inevtiable

Good news: The Syracuse Orange football team will not be playing Cincinatti at noon on November 24th. So go ahead and sleep in!

Bad news: Usually this would be good news but not when SU is involved. The game is set for a
7:15 pm EST start time, which means the Greg Robinson Era will be drawn out as long as humanly possible. We've put up with him long enough, haven't we? We could have gotten a 1pm start that would have wrapped up around 4 followed by a press conference announcing his firing by 6. Now we're gonna have to wait 'til at least Sunday. I've got things to do, you know? (Not entirely true)

For the record, the
entire Syracuse season was televised and we received quite a bit of play on the ESPN family of networks. Imagine what kind of placement we could get if we were, you know, good.