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The Day After

Whenever there are big announcements involving coaches, aren't there usually stories the next day about how season ticket sales go through the roof? Has there ever been a story about how season ticket holders gathered in the stadium parking lot to burn their tickets, renounce their fandom and swarm the quad with pitchforks and torches in search of the athletic director? No? Give it a few hours.

Reaction to the announcement that Greg Robinson is returning continues to be...troubled.

Cuse Chronicles
How come for
something that the whole Orange fan base is anxious for you give it as a release a couple of hours before a basketball game? That to me is a very coward way out, the decision was made, it should be backed it up to the media, to the people that are supporting this program (which if you have not noticed are getting less and less). To just give a piece of paper the AD once again has done the usual SU stunt of saying "we are the only show in town".

Three Idiots on Sports
Simply put, I believe that Gross knows Robinson isn't a good head coach. Hell, he knows he isn't even a competent head coach, the appalling numbers, both on the field and at the ticket office speak loudly to that fact. He took a 6-6 team and promptly went 1-10 with them and it hasn't been much better since.

The Axeman Bloggeth
I've seen enough to believe that Greg Robinson, while an honorable, enthusiastic, and passionate man, just isn't the right guy to get Syracuse back to the level of success it once enjoyed.

Get Gross Out
There is plenty of fire in the pot regarding whether or not this was the right move for Syracuse at this time. DOCTOR Daryl Gross sure believes it is.

Random Reality Thoughts
Be very afraid about what's going to happen next season against Penn State, West Virginia, and maybe even Notre Dame.

Every Day Should Be Saturday
Despite guiding Syracuse to the worst three year stretch in their history, Greg Robinson will return next year as the head coach of the Orange. The Carrier Dome breathed a sad sigh, or at least we like to picture it that way, shrugging its roof like shoulders and staring at you with big sad cartoon eyes.

At least some are having fun with the announcement. Sadly, they're West Virginia fans...

Robinson, a coaching God (in his own mind), will try to rebuild a once proud Syracuse program that he himself destroyed. It won’t be easy, either, as Robinson has spent three diligent years installing a system that doesn’t seem to work and denying that anything was ever wrong.