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Damn The Jersey Media

I'll have plenty more to talk about next week but I just wanted to share with everone how truly biased the sports media is here in New Jersey. In every paper, on every braodcast and even on every website I visit via the New Jersey-provided internet service, I have been told that Syracuse lost to UConn 30-7 this weekend. I've been despondant, crying in a corner cutting myself ever since (In the "lazy cry for help" way).

So thank God for the non-partisan, fair-minded reporting at SUAthletics. If not for their intrepid determination and interest in the fair and balanced truth and nothing but the truth, I would have no idea that Syracuse actually WON the game 30-7.

Ah This Thanksgiving, I'm most thankful for you, SUAthletics, the FoxNews of college football. (Thanks CraigNY for the heads up)