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Breaking: Jim Boeheim Angry

Courtesy of The Axeman, you just have to check out this in-depth report from WSYR that will shake you to your very core and make you question the very world you live in.

There's no easy way to say this so I'm just gonna say it.
Jim Boeheim cursed.

I know...just's's not your's not your fault....son, it's not your fault...

If you're ready to handle it, check out the proof here. After Paul Harris made a free throw instead of missing on purpose and therefore giving St. Joe's one last shot to tie the game, Boeheim lets loose with an expletive in his specific direction.

What's especially damning is that, according to reporter Kelly McPherson, the National Association of Basketball Coaches set goals this season that include "promoting sportsmanship, teamwork and encouraging coaches to elevate moral and ethical values with their players." So while last year, Boeheim could have taken off his pants, urinated directly on Paul Harris while screaming obscenities and snorting a line of cocaine, this season that's uncalled for.

First off, there hasn't been a news day as slow as this in Syracuse since

Second, I love that this stems from Paul Harris making a shot when Boeheim specifically wanted him to miss., for the love of everything that's holy, please don't show Kelly McPherson
this video.

Fourth, of course, after explaining this despicable act to us in the hopes that it will never fall upon the virgin ears of Central New York's youth, they let us know we can watch the video on WSYR's website anytime we want. Of course we can...