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Bakersfield Still Has Plenty Of McNamara Jerseys In The Warehouse...

Perhaps they'll still get a chance to sell them.

State of the Orange is reporting that
Gerry has been cut by his team in Greece. Adding insult to injury, Gerry has been replaced by Mateen Cleeves. You may remember Mateen as the guy who subtlely pushed Gerry out the door in Bakersfield last season. According to Cuse Country, Panionios even took the link to Gerry's player page and replaced him with Mateen. Ten years from now is Mateen going to take Gerry's Assistant to the Regional Manager job at Dunder-Mifflin too?

So where does Gerry go from here? (I'm having deja vu...) The way I see it, he's got four options:

1. Find a way to cameo on "The Office." They
already know who Scranton's favorite son is. How bout Michael tries to get Gerry to be the spokesmen for Dunder-Mifflin?

2. Return to Bakersfield. He's familiar with the coach. They've already got his jersey ready to go. His parents have all that frequent flyer mileage built up from coming to every home game last time.

3. Accept his fate as a player in 2nd tier pro leagues and either become a USBL Northeast Pennsylvania Breaker or return to Syracuse and join the ABA's Raging Bullz. Doesn't sound too appealing on the surface but Gerry would pack them in for either team.

4. Face facts, come to terms with his fate as a player and finally return Boeheim's call about that assistant position.