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And So We Wait...

I was strolling through the aisles of Whole Foods last night, looking for a dessert that sounded good in theory (gluten-free! no trans fats!) so that I could trick myself into thinking I was eating healthy. A man walked by me, talking into his cellphone, and he uttered the following:

"I think it's time for me to start seeing a
human psychic."

He was gone before I could catch the next thing he said and so I was left to ponder this profound statement, holding a box of fat-free chocolate pops. What kind of psychic has he been seeing up until now? What other organisms on this planet have psychic ability? What made him decide to seek out their/it's psychic prowess before consulting a human? What was the last straw that made him decide "enough is enough, I need a human!"?

Communication is a funny thing. Had I heard what preceded or followed that comment I might have been able to make sense of that one statement. But as-is, I'm left to ponder what the truth is since I don't know anything other than what I have deduced myself. And so, my long-winded segue leads me to the apparently impending announcement that Greg Robinson is returning as Syracuse head coach. Or so we're told. We're not sure, really. Cause no one is saying anything.

If not for the hard work of people like the Axeman, we may still be in the dark with the entire coaching landscape changes around us. Axe goes to town today, breaking down the news that we will finally hear something today or tomorrow (probably tomorrow at this point) about Robinson's return. He even reaches out to the good DOCTOR himself and gets a none-too-surprisingly terse response. He even notes Gross' appearance on a radio show this morning where he dipped, dodged, ducked, dove and dodged the only question that mattered. Dave Rahme chimes in with some thoughts on DOCTOR Daryl Gross' current thought process as well.

So it looks like we were right in assuming Syracuse was getting a gauge on the market interest (nay from prime candidates Randy Edsall and George O'Leary). Left with little chance of landing a coach who would inspire Orange Nation and unable to trim a couple mill off their enormous endowment or Big East bowl earnings, they're moving forward the only way they can.

And so we wait. Let the spin begin.