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All Wright?

Wither Josh Wright? That's the question Syracuse fans have been asking themselves this season. Okay, to be honest, most Syracuse fans have more likely forgotten that Wright was ever here in the first place (or wished that was the case), but his absence has still begged the question.

Is it "academic problems?"

Family issues?


Would you believe all of the above?

During Syracuse's exhibition schedule, Wright was on hand but not in uniform due to an ankle injury, according to Jimmy B.

Wright was in uniform against Siena and played four minutes and rode the pine against St. Joeseph's. However, Wright was MIA against Fordham, when Boeheim said Josh was sick and with his parents in Utica.

During Syracuse's trip to the NIT in New York City, Wright was once again nowhere to be seen. This time, Boeheim said Wright had to "fulfill some academic obligations."

Having officially exhausted logical excuses for Josh Wright, Boeheim found himself in a jam. He could buy himself some time by saying Wright would miss the next few games after being mauled by a Bengal Tiger OR Wright could start practicing with the team again. Wright was indeed at Monday's practice and, after having a talk with Boeheim in the bleachers, participated in the workout.

So what's the truth here? Did Josh Wright really come down with an ill-timed trifecta of reasonable excuses for not joining the team? Does he really drive all the way home to Utica every time he gets the sniffles? Or has he spent the last couple weeks weighing his options to transfer or find another next step in his career? It doesn't seem like Wright will see much PT as it is, let alone the fact that he hasn't been practicing or participating with the team for some time now.

For better or worse, Orange Nation collectively shrugs in the direction of Wright and his future, preferring to resume drooling over Jonny and Donte.