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We Did What Now?

Ref: Congrats, coach.
Greg: What happened?
Ref: I said congrats. On the win.
Greg: We did what now?
Ref: Win. You. Syracuse.
Greg: Think you got the wrong sideline, Roger.
Ref: No, it says it right there on the scoreboard. 20-12. You guys won.
Greg: ..........we did?
Ref: Uh, yeah.
Greg: Well, doggone it.
Ref: Why don't you know this?
Greg: I'll be honest with you, Rog, this thing's not even plugged in.
Ref: Come again?
Greg: Some guy comes by every couple minutes with some papers. I don't even look at them. Twenty, huh? What's that, like eight field goals?
Ref: Two touchdowns and two field goals.
Greg: Well if that don't beat all...go Longhorns.
Ref: Orange.
Greg: Right, Orange.

(AP Photo/Kevin Rivoli)