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Syracuse - Buffalo: 4th Quarter

14:42 4Q - Buffalo keeps churning up the field. Orange missing tackles and opportunities. They're cutting down Buffalo on small plays but allowing bigger ones. If they were a better team, we'd be in serious trouble. But they're not. So we're only in slight trouble.

13:29 4Q - Syracuse stuffs Starks on 3rd down. But the Bulls are going for it...

12:43 4Q - They got it. The drive continues in Syracuse territory.

12:15 4Q - If the season ended today, UConn would represent the Big East in the Orange Bowl. Just sayin...

12:01 4Q - Penalties killing the Bulls today, two in a row here driving them backwards.

11:50 4Q - Buffalo going for it again on 4th down...and they GET IT! A diving catch at the 15 by Buffalo's Hamlin. Orange stop 2 of every 3 plays the Bulls run but the 3rd play keeps killing them.

10:28 4Q - Buffalo goes for the endzone and...overthrown. Good coverage, no flags. 4th down...Buffalo FINALLY brings in the field goal team.

10:28 4Q - 29 yard field goal just good. 17-9 Syracuse. We need a score on the next drive.

Commercial - The obligatory "Syracuse running backs montage" brings us back from commerical. I must've missed Buffalo's montage. Oh, right...

10:16 4Q - Sideline reporter Alistair Ingram, who may be fourteen and/or locked in his grandparent's basement during the week, tells us about the legend of 44. He looks more frightened than Andrew Robinson standing behind the SU offensive line.

9:25 4Q - Robinson throws a LASER (cannot stress that enough) to Williams. Pass interference, fifteen yards. 1st Down from their 38.

9:17 4Q - 39 yard bomb to Taj at the sidelines. Not sure if Taj caught it...he may have bobbled. As expected, it will be reviewed.

9:17 4Q - Turner Gill, bobble THIS. Call stands. Taj has 112 yards for the game.

8:33 4Q - Hogue looking good, continues to chop into Buffalo D. The looks and the cuts will come with experience but can't stress enough the exciting potential of a Robinson/Hogue backfield for the next 2-3 years.

7:37 4Q - Announcer says we're about to get a "healthy dose of Doug Hogue." What's that...about 50 cc's?

6:58 4Q - Pass to Williams in the endzone goes through his hands. Shadle boots through a field goal. 20-9. I've felt safer.

6:58 4Q - According to Axe (and thanks to
Steve Infanti from WSYR-TV), today's announced crowd is the smalled since 1986. SUDDEN IMPACT, BABY!!!

6:46 4Q - Big return for Buffalo to the 46 yard line. Gulp.

6:32 4Q - Buffalo doing a nice job of short passes to the sidelines. Orange are bending but not breaking. Keeping pressure on the QB as well.

6:06 4Q - 4th down . Here we go again...

5:27 4Q - Converted. After another pass the Bulls are down to the 20. Cuse D can't stop the bleeding.

4:56 4Q - D dishing out some solid hits of their own, 2nd and 10 from the 15. All 47 people in the stadium are feeling the excitement.

4:48 4Q - Buffalo faced with 4th down again, this time at the 15. If they trust their D (or have no faith in the Orange O), they'll kick here.

4:45 4Q - They do and its good. 20-12. One score game. Orange can't afford to just run down the clock on this possession, they need to move the ball, keep their defense off the field and actually show a little killer instinct.

4:45 4Q - Back from commercial, Curtis Brinkley in street-clothes on the sidelines looking very unpleased with himself. Greg better keep a muzzle on him after the game, he's apt to blame the injury on just about anyone...

3:51 4Q - Orange just draining clock. I don't like it. I don't like it one bit. THANKFULLY, they pass on 3rd down and get the first down. Whew.

2:40 4Q - Buffalo burns their first timeout. Hogue keeps pounding. That sounds weird.

2:32 4Q - Mike Williams catches one for a 1st down and stays in bounds after some not-to-fancy footwork to deek the defender.

2:04 4Q - Buffalo calls timeout #2.

2:03 4Q - Sign in the student section - "Come's Buffalo." Hogue busts a big one as we drop under two minutes.

1:56 4Q - 3rd and 1 at the Buffalo 26. Buffalo takes their final timeout.

1:52 4Q - Robinson dives for the 1st down. That should do it. Syracuse will win, Robinson will live to coach another day and we will trick ourselves into feeling good about this.

:23 4Q - Robinson takes a final knee and that does it. Syracuse 20, Buffalo 12.