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Syracuse - Buffalo: 3rd Quarter

Halftime - Okay, so in case you've been sitting in darkness waiting for me to tell you (and if so, Grandma...I'm so sorry!), you know the Orange are up 17-3 on two great 2nd quarter scores. Doug "Curtis Who?" Hogue scored a TD to cap off a 99-yard drive. Then the Orange capitalized on a fumble off the ensuing kickoff with a Mike Williams TD catch.

It's nice to head into halftime with a lead. We should do this more often.

Halftime - Couple thoughts on some other games.

Pitt defeats Cincy - Really? Is it cause Wannstadt was in the booth? Was that the key? Will he stay up there after his foot heals?

Vandy defeats South Carolina - Well, at least three top ten teams are contractually-obligated to lose each week. South Florida and Kentucky are already out, the Gamecocks might as well be #3.

Temple defeats Miami University - That's embarrassing for anyone who lost to Miami U.

North Dakota State defeats Minnesota - I heard something about the Bison during the week but didn't think much of it. I do now.

Alabama defeats Tennessee - What's Tennessee's record? Are they 6-2 or 2-6? I honestly have no idea.

Texas A&M defeats Nebraska - Illegal newsletters trumps derogatory comments about your AD. Always has, always will.

15:00 3Q - Doug Bell brings us back to the ESPNU broadcast where his announcing partner is up on the roof, ready to the call the 2nd half from atop the Dome roof. Apparently if he had decided to go through with it, they would have won "some award or Gunniess World Record." Oh ESPNU...

Orange start with the ball. Back to work with Hogue while Brinkley is out of the game.

14:23 3Q - Buffalo is letting their emotions get the better of them today. They've been extremely aggressive on hits, which is fine, but they've also accumulated a few roughing penalties, like they did there on the Mike Williams catch.

13:24 3Q - Bell just described Robinson's coaching staff as having "been around." A good thing?

12:19 3Q - Messy timeout/snap exchange. Gotta say, think we got away with one.

12:12 3Q - Paul Chiara is wearing football-repellent on his gloves. Orange punt...and Chira downs it at the 1. Okay, you're forgiven.

Commercial - It has to be a bittersweet time for Ben Affleck. Every article about his movie Gone Baby Gone reads the same way. "Horrible actor Ben Affleck who has made horrible movies and has been horrible in life finally makes a good movie as a director."

10:44 3Q - 3rd and 8 from the 2 for the Bulls. They get about three yards and the Orange D gives the offense a prime situation to extend the lead. Punt goes to about the Syracuse 46. It's go-time.

9:51 3Q - Buffalo is hitting so hard they're hurting themselves. Don't think I want young Andrew Robinson tucking too many more times.

9:24 3Q - It's time to start thinking about a nickname for Doug Hogue. How about Hulk (as in Hogan)? I'll keep thinking on it...

8:16 3Q - Announcer Doug Bell is as much responsible for that INT as Robinson, saying Andrew has been the team MVP today just as he launches the ball into the air. Sonofa...Buffalo ball.

7:12 3Q - Announcer Doug Bell says he grew up in South Florida. Does that mean he grew up in Tampa? Or Miami? I'm so confused... (That's the first and last "Isn't it weird that South Florida isn't in south Florida?" joke, I promise)

7:07 3Q - Questionable fumble call under review. Looks like its pretty clearly cause by the ground. We'll see.

7:07 3Q - It was. Buffalo retains possession at the Syracuse 28.

5:58 3Q - Axe ruminates that there must be less than 30,000 in the seats today. Judging by my view, I don't think there's 20,000. Lots of silver.

3:38 3Q - Buffalo field goal makes it 17-6. Orange are currently out-rushing their opponent 154-66. No joke, just not often I get to say that.

3:30 3Q - Kickoff fumbled (or was it?) but it juuuust snakes out of bounds before Buffalo could recover. Dodged a bullet there... Usually we don't, so that's at least a good sign.

3:26 3Q - Doug Hogue is making a helluva case for himself today. Depending on the extent of Brinkley's injury, we can expect to see a lot more of him the rest of the season.

1:42 3Q - Andrew Robinson just got PLANTED. Little bit of the blocking's fault and little bit of his...gotta get rid of the ball. It's the 31st sack of the season for Robinson. Orange do a fantastic quick kick for 51 yards.

:34 3Q - Nick Chestnut went for the INT but missed it and the Buffalo receiver makes the catch at the 26. Damn...we could use a big defensive play right now.

:20 3Q - Buffalo is play-faking us down the field slowly but surely. We're cutting off the running game but need to stop committing to the fakes. End of the quarter. Eleven point-lead...not as much as I'd like but more than I admit to expecting.