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Sorting Through The Rubble

Another edition of How Fucked Are We? This time with 20% more Fuckedtitude.

#13 West Virginia
Record: 4-1
Last Week: Lost to South Florida 13-21
How Fucked Are We?: Yes, yes, ply yourself with thoughts of the Louisville situation. But there's one big difference. West Virginia actually is good. And their backups would (and by the 2nd half, will) decimate us.

Team: #21 Rutgers
Record: 3-1
Last Week: Lost to Maryland 24-34
How Fucked Are We?: I knew I should have stuck to my guns and not put them in my top ten. Alas, the truth is out on Rutgers. And I have a feeling they're in for another rude awakening this week against Cincy. That all of course means they'll be ready to beat us silly by the time we play them as a form of stress-release.

Team: Buffalo
Record: 1-4
Last Week: Lost to Ball State 14-49
How Fucked Are We?: I guess we're not too fucked. Maybe? Buffalo seems to have settled back into being horrible. They're all over the place. They get throttled by Temple, give Penn State a scare and then get annihilated by Ball State. This game is way more of a toss-up than I care to think about.

Team: Pittsburgh
Record: 2-3
Last Week: Lost to Virginia 14-44
How Fucked Are We?: I thought Pittsburgh usually gets to 4-0 or 5-0 before they self-destruct? This is all good news for us, there's hope yet for another Big East win.

Team: #6 South Florida
Record: 4-0
Last Week: Defeated West Virginia 21-13
How Fucked Are We?: A second-straight win over West Virginia. Best team in the Big East. Top ten ranking. Is it all too much, too soon for the Bulls? They get to lap up on 2nd tier Florida teams they left behind (Central Florida and Florida Atlantic) in the next two weeks and then they head to Rutgers. November 3rd showdown with Cincinnati may inexplicably be the Big East game of the year. Oh, by the way, yeah we're fucked.

By the way, two things about Matt Grothe. This whole time I've been calling him Matt "Growth" which I think sounds a lot better than
Matt "Graw-thee." Second, why didn't someone tell me he looks like a Garbage Pail Kid?

Team: UConn
Record: 5-0
Last Week: Defeated Akron 44-10
How Fucked Are We?: UConn is kinda like mid-90's Kansas State, without even being good. The record projects them being way better than they are and their opponents have been a collection of cupcakes and disappointments. Still, Herm Edwards told us you play to win the game and the Huskies get credit for that. They go to Virginia this weekend and all signs point to the party bus breaking down there. After that, they run the Big East gauntlet and may very well be 5-5 by the time they get to us.

Team: #20 Cincinnati
Record: 5-0
Last Week: Defeated San Diego State 52-23
How Fucked Are We?: Very. If UConn is undefeated by beating cupcakes, Cincy is undefeated by manhandling mediocrity. Still, its the way the Bearcats are doing it that's so damn impressive. They aren't just beating teams, they're soul-crushing them. They've scored at least 34 in every game. Rutgers comes to town this weekend in a game that will define both programs for the rest of the season.

Your Family Fun Stat of the Week: Technically, yes, Greg Robinson is right. If the season ended right now, we would be co-champs of the Big East and be in line to play in a BCS Bowl game. It's the tricky matter of being 1-4 that hampers things.