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Sleep Easy, Plaschke. The Bulls Are No More

Hooray for crusty old men with no sense of excitement or want of change, South Florida is out of the national title hunt. By order of Myles Brand, all other teams are now allowed to headhunt and take out the knees of any players on Kentucky, Boston College and South Carolina, whatever it takes to ensure they don't sully the good name of the sport. Thankfully, that will leave an overrated Ohio State, a shaken LSU and an Oklahoma team ready at a moment's notice to stink up a national title game as the only possible options for the championship. Huzzah! We can be content once again in knowing that even if we're watching a game between two 5-6 teams, as long as they're wearing certain jerseys, we're watching good football.

Their loss aside, how fantastic is the Big East right now? Four ranked teams, all of whom have beaten one of the others (West Virginia, South Florida, Rutgers, Cincy) heading into the home-stretch in a dogfight. I'd like to see the Big Ten try and match that.

Question is, will Greg Robinson be getting a big Dale & Thomas popcorn tin this week as a thank you from the Rutgers coaching staff for motivating their team so well?