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Say, Say, Say...

Last night, I spent my evening putzing around on SUAthletics. As you can tell, I lead a charmed life.

Anyway, I happened to come across two old pages that, if Greg Robinson is fired in the near-future, I expect to disappear along with him into the ether. They would be the "What They Are Saying About Greg Robinson" praise and DOCTOR Daryl Gross' remarks on the hiring of Greg Robinson. I'll just let you know have fun with these...

"It is a wonderful day for Syracuse University, Syracuse University football, Syracuse fans and the Syracuse community. After an extensive, thorough national search, we have found the coach that will lead the Syracuse football program to national prominence. His name is Greg Robinson."
-DOCTOR Daryl Gross

"I can think of no one better to head up the Syracuse program than Greg Robinson...We're really proud for Greg and Syracuse is lucky to have him."
- Texas head coach Mack Brown
There isn’t going to be many areas that Greg isn’t very strong in...he’ll really fit into the Syracuse community."
- Former San Francisco 49ers general manager and UCLA head coach Terry Donahue

"At the end of the day, Greg Robinson is the perfect choice for Syracuse University."
-DOCTOR Daryl Gross

(Credit where credit is due to the Three Idiots who pontificated on this a few days ago)