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The Proof Is In The Plodding

I've seen a lot of stats and rankings thrown around regarding Syracuse's offensive ineptitude but I decided to take a look for myself. Not for the sake of feeling bad about us but for the opportunity to gloat in the rare instances we are better than others. And then wonder how that's possible.

Measure: Points Per Game
Stat: 16.8
Rank: 113th (119)
Who Are We Better Than?: Six teams, only one of which is BCS-ish (Notre Dame). This list also includes Louisiana-Monroe, Utah State, San Jose State, Florida International and someone you might be familiar with...Miami University. We score more than they do, just not against them.

Measure: Total Yards Per Game
Stat: 272.6
Rank: 113th
Who Are We Better Than?: A couple familiar faces like Notre Dame, Utah State and FIU and some new faces such as Eastern Michigan, Akron and Army. Welcome to the suck.

Measure: Total Passing Yards
Stat: 1,160
Rank: 49th
Who Are We Better Than?: A helluva lot of teams, including Cal, Penn State, LSU and UConn. Surprised to see us so high and its a testament to the potential of this passing offense. Why aren't we able to move the ball again?

Measure: Total Rushing Yards
Stat: 203
Rank: 118th
Who Are We Better Than?: Oh right, that's why... Only Notre Dame is more putrid than us but we are both the only schools in the nation with less than 250 rushing yards on the season. Mike Hart of Michigan currently has 761 yards by himself. Awesome.

Measure: First Downs Per Game
Stat: 12.4
Rank: T-116th
Who Are We Better Than?: Better than Eastern Michigan and FIU, this puts us and the Notre Dame offense in a deadlock for the next spot up. Quite a warm and fuzzy friendship we've struck up with each other down here. Oh, and no other team averages less than 13 first downs/game.

Measure: Third Down Conversion Percentage
Stat: 39.2%
Rank: T-108th
Who Are We Better Than?: Quite a few of the aforementioned teams. Surprisingly, we're also better than Georgia Tech. Remember that next time you're betting on the Yellow Jackets.

Measure: Time of Possession
Stat: 27.13
Rank: 113th
Who Are We Better Than?: Notre Dame and a slew of surprising entries. North Carolina, Baylor and undefeated Missouri. How's that not gonna catch up with them?

Just cause its so much fun, why stop here? Let's check out the D.

Measure: Points Against Per Game
Stat: 34.0
Rank: 100th
Who Are We Better Than?: Buffalo by a hair (101st), decent Minnesota (107th) and mighty Tennessee (110th). Poor Fulmer, the end is most certainly nigh.

Measure: Yards Against Per Game
Stat: 484.8
Rank: 112th
Who Are We Better Than?: A whole bunch of non-BCS teams except for Minnesota. I'm beginning to think the Gophers may share two things in common with Syracuse. Horrible defense and horrible uniforms.

Measure: Total Rushing Yards Against
Stat: 1,157
Rank: 115th
Who Are We Better Than?: Teams you weren't sure were in Division 1-A/FBS (Louisiana-Lafayette, Western Michigan), Tom O'Brien's NC State Wolfpack and the men of Troy (no, not the USC ones, the other ones).