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Notre Dame, The International Bowl Turns Its Lonely Eyes To You

As the purveyor of The Quest For Toronto, I like to think in a roundabout way this site is an extension of the International Bowl itself. Be it this season (unlikely) or next season (fingers crossed!), the Orange will become of the bowl's rich history that includes Cincinnati, Western Michigan and...did I mention Cincinnati?

It now does seem unlikely that we'll be a part of this year's festivities considering we're 1-4. Naturally, the IBS (International Bowl Squad...and I really hope they don't go by those initials) seem to have set their sites on the Notre Dame Fightin' Irish, who are somehow a more attractive option even at 0-5. How else do you explain why their website is arbitrarily playing the Notre Dame fight song?

I suppose, at the end of the day, when you're only other options are the UConn and Pitt fight songs, it kinda makes sense.

Source: EDSBS