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Looking For Comedy In The Big East World

Utah (2-3) vs. Louisville (3-2)
This sounds like an extremely exciting and noteworthy game. Oh wait, sorry, thought it was 2004 for a second there. In 2007, this is probably going to be ugly. Utah's a strange bird...they've lost to 2-3 Oregon State and 2-3 UNLV yet they put a beating on the #11 team in the country (UCLA). Go figure. Louisville isn't as hard to figure out. My guess is that they crumbled under the expectations of the season, ran into a much better-than-expected Kentucky team, let Syracuse take advantage of their distressed state and are about to begin rebounding their way towards the Bowl, which I'm pretty sure they're already pre-qualified for.

Prediction: Louisville 35, Utah 20

#6 South Florida (4-0) at Florida Atlantic (3-2)
FAU: What happened to you man?
Whuddya mean?
I thought we were tight. Me, you, UCF. The triforce. Remember?
Yeah, of course man. We're still boys.
We said we'd never be like those punks in Miami or Gainesville.
And I'm not.
God, you can't even see yourself, man. Ranked #6. Talkin' bout Big East titles and BCS Bowls.
Sorry for trying.
You're dead to me.
USF 31, FAU 7

#20 Cincinnati (5-0) vs #21 Rutgers (3-1)

Ha-yuge game as far as Big East implications are concerned
. The Bearcats are having one of those "I knew they were good but I didn't know they were GOOD" seasons, racking up huge points and playing great takeaway defense. But they have yet to play an opponent that can be considered solid. Rutgers on the other hand finally did play someone of note...and they lost. Considering West Virginia dispatched Maryland easily, things do not look good for the Knights and they need this win bad. A loss here and they go into panic mode in NJ. And when they go into panic mode in Jersey...people DIE!!!
Prediction: Cincy 27, Rutgers 21

#13 West Virginia (4-1) vs. Syracuse (1-4)

Stop me if you've heard this one before. A nationally-ranked team coming off a demoralizing early-season loss plays an inferior Syracuse team and is expected to rack up tons of points in a cakewalk win. Only this time, its probably actually going to happen. Why? Cause unlike Louisville, West Virginia really is as good as the rankings have them.

There's a good possibility that West Virginia will be leaning on its backup quarterback and backup running backs to shoulder most of the load. Normally, those would be things that bring the opposing team joy. Alas, West Virginia's 2nd team could wipe the floor with most 1st teams in terms of offensive output. Jarrett Brown, #2 at the QB depth chart, has almost as many rushing yards himself as the entire Syracuse offense. Noel Devine, the #3 running back on the roster, has more.

What can Syracuse do? Find shelter. Or I suppose they could just try to establish some semblance of an offense. Don't get cute, don't razzle-dazzle, just establish your passing game, mix in a couple different things and players to try and get the running game going, say a little prayer for our defense and just hope that it's not too far out of hand by halftime.
Orange fans are not expecting the Orange to win this game. We're not even expecting it to be close. But maybe, just maybe, that's the kind of energy the Orange thrive on. It worked at Louisville. Alas... Prediction: West Virginia 56, Syracuse 24