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The Lesson Is...Never Try

After this weekend the big picture for the rest of the season became a little clearer...and we realized that everything we thought we knew about college football was pretty much wrong. I thought it would be kinda funny to take a look at what we assumed we'd be looking forward to this season in each conference and what we'll really be tuning in for. In a season where Miami-FSU, USC-Cal and Texas-Oklahoma had or will have minimal impact on the national title picture, its amazing what we've traded them in for.

Note - I'm not counting conference championship games.


Assumed Game of the Year: Virginia Tech - Virginia? (Not really sure there was one)
Actual Game of the Year: Virginia Tech - Boston College (BC 14-10)

Big East
Assumed GOTY: West Virginia - Louisville
Actual GOTY: West Virginia - UConn, November 24th

Big 10
Assumed GOTY: Ohio State - Michigan
Actual GOTY: Ohio State - Michigan, November 17th

Big 12
Assumed GOTY: Oklahoma - Texas
Actual GOTY: Kansas - Missouri, November 24th

Assumed GOTY: USC - Cal
Actual GOTY: Arizona State - Oregon, November 3rd

GOTY: LSU - Florida
Actual GOTY: LSU - Kentucky (LSU, 43-37)

(AP Photo/Matt Slocum)