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Learn How To Pronounce Arinze Onuaku Quickly

Right now there's some freshman sitting in Brewster Hall, quietly painting his face orange and blue, letting the paint on his chest dry, ironing his orange cape and opening up his second bottle of Boone's. He's preparing for tonight's big event. He's so excited he refuses to talk to anyone, watch any news or check the Internet. He's focus and ready to support his team no matter what. And you just know when he gets off the bus at 11:45pm at Manley Field House and wonders where the hell everyone is, it will begin to occur to him that they do things a little differently here at the Cuse.

That's right, 7:00 Madness is tonight and judging by the logo they're using to promote it, your parents will be there serving punch. Just make sure when you're dancing with Eric Devendorf to leave a little room for the holy ghost.

Using the mildly annoying "oh wait, I just found 400 more tickets in my seat cushion" technique, SU has been opening up more and more seats for the event every day. The good news is then that if you're in the area there's no reason you shouldn't be there. Unless you hate Belgians (KRISTOF!!!)

All your favorite players and fresh faces will be on hand. Johnny/Jonny/Jonnie Flynn, Donte Greene, Paul Harris, Eric Devendorf's tattoos, Andy Rautins' good ACL... And don't forget about your favorite coaches and administrators like Jim Boeheim and Mike Hopkins.

DOCTOR Daryl Gross will be there too. So there's that.

Save a shoddily-made AmeriCU-logo'd towel for me. And no, I'm not saying a word about Raftery this time...
The event is free but you have to have a ticket to attend. Please don't forget your ticket. For your sake and the sake of those below...